2011-01-01 01:44:17 by MaverickKayPrime

Happy New Years to all, and let`s try to make this year even better than the last!

Well, I`ve decided to make two series. No, that doesn`t mean I`m quitting Shadow and Vegeta Unite!, that would be like kicking my fans in the butt. No, instead, I`ve decided to make another series, that has a darker tone, and will utilize my newer animating skills. It`ll probably have few episodes, as I have another series to work on, but the episodes will be long. So, just look out for it. And no, it isn`t a crossover, but the main character is Shadow(I like Shadow okay!? There!) Any who, look out for it`s release, which will be after Shadow and Vegeta Unite! Ep.4. Which I`m working on! It`s just long.

For Halloween. Or Not For Halloween

2010-10-21 14:55:33 by MaverickKayPrime

I`ve been thinking about making a Halloween themed episode of Shadow and Vegeta Unite!. Although I`m not completely sure, mainly because I`m making episode 4. Although, I really wanna make a Halloween themed episode. In fact, I already have the episode planned out. What do you guys think?


2010-07-25 10:50:27 by MaverickKayPrime

I feel that, if I can get Shadow and Vegeta Unite on Youtube, it`ll be more popular, but my converter sucks... could any one of you give me a good converter name?